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A prime example of the sheepskin winter cap issued to Luftwaffe ground troops. In mint condition the cap features fold down ear flaps with also connect together when not on use with a button. White winter finish. Peaked front. Luftwaffe eagle and roundel sewn to the front. Wonderful cap.

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RAF Operations Room Raid Block.

Incredibly scarce Raid Block used in RAF filter and sector Ops rooms during the Battle of Britain and later to display important information relating to an enemy raid. When details of aircraft were received at Group Filter room level it was interpreted on a map table with the raid block normally positioned at the head of the plotting path and providing information such as strength, height and whether the aircraft were 'hostile', friendly or unknown. Used in conjunction with the Sector clock this gave RAF controllers the ability to have access to up to date information to enable them to provide an appropriate response. More information of how this system work was contained in the secret RAF Air Defence Pamphlet No.4, extracts of which are shown in the images. Scarce item.

Code: 9380


1918 Marching Compass and Case.

1918 dated Mk VIII Verner's Pattern Marching Compass by C.H.Kemp, London contained in a 1916 dated leather pouch. Compass in excellent, clean condition, fully functioning retaining some of the original lacquer finish. Clean leather pouch, Edinburgh manufacturer marked complete with carrying strap.

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Japanese M1899 Type 32 Cavalry Sabre.

The Japanese Type 32 Saber was a government-issued cavalry sword. It was first issued in 1889 and would be manufactured until the end of WWII. The blade is katana-like in styling, though it has the proportions of a saber and was built in two lengths. This example, a second pattern ‘Otsu,’ was issued to army NCOs and and has a blade length of around 770mm with the leather finger loop indicating earlier manufacture. Numbered to the ricasso with a matching number to the scabbard drag. In good, used condition with a matching toned appearance overall with some light staining, but no pitting to the blade. Good example.
18+ UK sales ONLY

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Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Clasp By BSW.

Luftwaffe reconnaissance clasp. Two piece construction and appears to be bronze grade, with some of the finish absorbed by the zinc body. Steel pin with block hinger and wire catch. Maker marked ' BSW ' for Gebrüder Schneider, Wien to reverse. Good, original example.

Code: 9377

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1917 Infantry Machine-Gun Company Training Manual.

1917 manual ' Infantry Machine-Gun Company Training '. 86pgs with b/w photographs, sketches and fold-out tables outlining the then current thinking re the operation of machine guns at company level and the training to achieve this. ex IWM lib. in good, used condition with some light water marking to cover and frontispiece.

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1945 Flak 38 20mm HE/T Round.

Complete 1945 dated Flak 38 20mm HE/T Round with 1945 dated lacquered steel case. 45 dated projectile with steel driving band and 44 dated AZ48 fuze. Original paint with manufacturer's stencilling and inspection stamps. Good, original round.
Available within UK only

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WW2 Italian Colonial (?) Cap Badge.

Die-stamped brass cap badge which I believe is for Italian colonial troops. This example was souvenired by a R.Warks Desert war veteran and recently rediscovered in with a large number of other Italian badges in a loft clear out. ( see photos ). Good, used condition.

Code: 9374


Great War Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders officer's Silver Badge

Die-struck silver cap badge for an officer of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Birmingham hallmarked for 1914 and manufacturer's marks for Brent & Parker. Both lugs intact and in good, used condition with polished highlights.

Code: 9373


US ' Short Guide to Great Britain '.

1943 US ' A Short Guide to Great Britain '. 38pg booklet outlining all of the quirks and oddities of Britain and it's inhabitants as seen from US eyes. Issued as an attempt to avoid misunderstanding and promote ' getting acquainted '. Good, used condition.

Code: 9372