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A very good example of a Third Reich Iron Cross 2nd class, still with its original full length ribbon as issued.
The ribbon is a bit grubby but complete. Cross has nice silver edges and clear definition to swastika and date. The iron center ‘rattles’ a little in the frame. Black paint is all original and complete. No wear to the swastika. The paint on the reverse of the cross shows some age ‘spidering’ etc. The suspension ring is devoid of any makers marks. Nice example.

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WWII IRON CROSS 2nd CLASS WITH ‘Battle damage’

A totally uncleaned, untouched and original Iron Cross second class, with what I was told ‘battle damage’! It’s more likely to be shrapnel damage as apparently it was looted from a destroyed house by a soldier in the Engineers. Who can say? Anyway, cross is black with patina and has a length of original ribbon. I cannot see any maker mark on the suspension ring, which is also a bit twisted. The damage is slight but has dented the silver frame area in the top arm on the right hand side. Also taken a small nick out of the top edge. Quite interesting really. Has a magnetic center and 100% of the original paint. Nice looking cross. (Post free in the U.K.)

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WW1 13 Squadron RFC/RAF Photograph Album.

Dis-bound photograph album containing some 70, annotated images with some 10 loose aerial photographs showing aircraft, personnel and scenes of service of 13 Squadron RFC and later RAF. Detailed images of RE.8s and Bristol Fighters and captured German Albatross fighters. Many identified pictures of personnel with good uniform detail, crashes and aerial photographs in the Cambrai area with some post Armistice scenes of service in Germany. Will reward further research.

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WW2 German 20mm Chrome Plated Drill Round.

Scarce WW2 German 20mm chrome plated drill round for the 2cm Flak 30 and 38 guns. Very few drill rounds were issued with the guns, usually 2 drill rounds per gun. This weighted steel drill round is nickel plated and retains 90%+ of its original finish, The headstamp is H40 with a Waffenampt and a manufacturers monogram within a 4.5mm circle . There is a cavity in place of the primer .

Code: 9147


WW2 Italian 1891/38 Chromed Bayonet.

An example of an Italian modified 1891/38 folding blade bayonet which has been converted to a fixed blade by the addition of a new crossguard. This has then been chromed overall presumably for ceremonial or parade purposes. Dark wood grips with serial number stamped to backstrap. In good, clean and bright condition.
18+ UK sales ONLY

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WW2 Kriegsmarine Marine Artillery Shoulder Boards.

Pair of unissued, sew-in shoulder boards for a leutnant zur See of the Marine Artillery. Fine bullion wire with dark, bottle green underlay. Part of a larger collection of MA uniform brought back by a naval officer which has now come to the fore. Excellent condition.

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WW1 Royal Sussex Sweetheart Badge.

Impressive gilt and enamel, pendant sweetheart badge for the Royal Sussex Regiment. Featuring a ' good luck ' horseshoe entwined with a rifle and cap with a R.Sussex device suspended underneath. Bright gilt finish . ( 60mm ).

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No.68 ATI/L Drill Grenade.

No.68 MkI Anti Tank Grenade Drill. White painted, designation, manufacturer's marks and 1942 date moulded into the tail vanes. In good, used condition with wear to paint finish ( approx 80%+ intact ) with ' DRILL ' stencilled to body. Complete with safety pin and tag and fully strippable with all internals present.
Available within UK ONLY

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WW2 RADwJ District Arm Badge.

BeVo weave Reichsarbeitsdienst Weibliche Jugend ( RADjW ) sleeve badge for a Führerin in the Brandenburg-Ost district ( XXVII ) in unissued condition . Excellent, clean condition.

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WW1 British Officer's Folding Canteen Set.

Nickelled Spoon, fork and steel folding cutlery set carried by British officers during WW1. Probably made by Moulton & Sons, Sheffield with partial marking to the knife this example has aluminium bolsters and is contained in the original waterproofed canvas, drawstring bag. Good, used condition with some wear to bag.

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