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WW2 Official Ortsgruppe Banner of the NSBO.

In near perfect condition this banner is the typical size for these, approx 132cm X 110cm. In normal party colours, double sided with white circle and black swastikas separately applied. Some age marks and a little staining. Banner is edged in silver bullion braid and has cloth connecting loops running along one edge. These would have connected to nickel or chrome rings and be attached to a wooden pole. This banner is for the NSBO (Nationalsozialistische Betriebszellenorganisation) which was The German Reich Factory Cell Organization. Later became the DAF. This has the small machine embroydered NSBO. Patches on each corner, and these are for the district of WITTLICH. The town of Wittlich is in South -West Germany and is the seat of the Bernkastel-Wittlich district in Rhineland-Palatinate. A great looking banner, not too large to display and unusual being an early NSBO district.

Code: 9002



A standard RAD cap badge in pressed aluminium. This was worn on all RAD caps and Kepis and is mostly seen on their brown ‘Robin Hood’ type service cap. With full maker marks, RADJ codes etc on the reverse, it is unfortunately missing its 2 brass pins. Subsequently it is now ideal for a display item with other RAD pieces. It’s been sewn to a piece of white cloth, no idea why!

Code: 9001

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Volksbund für Deutschtum im Ausland (People's Federation for German-ness Abroad)
The Verein für Deutsche Kulturbeziehungen im Ausland."Association for German cultural relations abroad"), abbreviated VDA, is a German cultural organisation. During the Nazi era it was engaged in spying across the whole world, using German minorities living in other countries. Its other goals included preservation of German culture among "racial Germans" This is a membership pin back enamel badge. With the DVA symbol on the front and a very prominent swastika. In near mint condition. This was one of the more unusual and rarer organisations in Hitlers Germany.

Code: 9000

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A nice example of the black wound badge, awarded for being injured once or twice. This is pressed hollow back and made of brass. Virtually all of the original black paint is present, with just a little rubbing on the high spots revealing the brass underneath. Pin and hook intact.

Code: 8999

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1940 Luftwaffe Waffenrock.

Luftwaffe Waffenrock tunic for enlisted men and NCO's. Sourced directly from a contact in Germany this example was clearly stripped of insignia at wars' end and left in storage. The nice thing is that the original breast eagle was found in the pocket wrapped in moth proof paper.
Standard, early pattern, wool mix tunic with cuffs and ' bellowed ' lower pockets. Clear signs of previous insignia to both breasts, collar and sleeves with the presence of the original eagle to inside pocket. Fully lined in blue grey twill fabric with LBA and manufacturer's details to inside left of lining. There also appears to be a hard to distinguish, stamped, unit marking above the the inner pocket. Both interior belt supports present as are the inner buttons to allow wear of the collar liner. All matching aluminium buttons present. A good example with a good depth of knap to the cloth with some minor moth damage .

Code: 8998


WW2 RAF Pilot Photographic Portrait.

A contemporary framed and glazed photographic portrait of a fresh faced and presumably new qualified Pilot Officer. Dated June 1941 and signed ' Bill ' and taken by a Leicester photographer contained in a wartime economy frame with a printed faux wood surround. Minor foxing to mounts and in good overall condition. An evocative wartime image.

Code: 8997


Third Reich National Forestry Official's Buckle.

Third Reich National Forestry Official's buckle in bright aluminium designed to be worn with the ' B ' uniform. This buckle would be worn on the brocade dress belt which was identical to that worn by the Army. This example manufacturer marked indicating manufacture by Assmann and is in good used condition.

Code: 8996

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British Army Proficiency Badges - Edwards & Langley.

1984 1st ed. British Army Proficiency Badges - Edwards & Langley. Long out of print and important study running to 136pgs with illustrations sketches and conditions of award and wear. Good used condition with marking to card covers but clean contents.

Code: 8995


WW1 German Ubungsgranatenwerfer Mortar Bomb.

WW1 German Ubungsgranatenwerfer Mortar Bomb. Designed to be fired from the portable Granatenwerfer 16 this is the practice version signified by the original red oxide finish to the body and the presence of a dummy fuze. Solid example with a ' D ' cast into the body with removable tail and vanes. Original finish to body with some light pitting to vanes. Good example. Strippable and INERT

Code: 8994


Landespolizei P38 Holster.

A very nice original leather, hardshell P38 holster. Marked with the initials LPN West German Police, ' Landespolizei Niedersachsen,' (Lower Saxony). Serial number stamped to the reverse and repeated in ink to interior and a partial typed label with manufacturer's stamp ' Geco ' alongside. Good used condition.

Code: 8993