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NSDAP Dienstrock - Zellenleiter.

NSDAP Political leader uniform jacket for a Zellenleiter (Cell Leader). A Zellenleiter was higher in rank than a Blockleiter and was in charge of a ' NSDAP Cell ', composed of eight to twelve city blocks.
Brown twill wool tunic with gilt political buttons all having matching RZM details. Machine applied Zellenleiter collar boards with blue piping and bright tress. Woollen party armband to left arm ( with some well repaired moth damage ), WW1 EKII ribbon to top button hole and tailor applied award loops. Fully lined with a ' 50 ' stamped to rear and RZM label sewn to interior of left chest pocket.
Excellent clean condition with a couple of minor marks.A good example of an NSDAP Political Leader's uniform at municipal level.

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Zellenleiter Uniform Photographs...

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Original EKI. Three piece construction with block hinge and contoured pin fastening. Non-maker marked with patinated frame and reverse. Good, used example with a characterful appearance.

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German 30 mm MK108 M Practice Aircraft Cannon Round.

WW2 German 30 mm MK108 M Practice Aircraft Cannon Round. Steel practice Type H Minengeschoss (High Capacity) practice projectile with an unfired copper driving band, the nose fitted with a steel plug resembling a AZ1504 fuse and crimped by six round crimps. Contained in a lacquered steel case, dated 44 with manufacturer's details and an electric primer.

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1942 Combined Ops Manual - Waterproofing of Vehicles.

Combined Operations Pamphlet No.41C ' R.E.M.E. Waterproofing of Vehicles & Equipment ' 1942. 6pgs covering all subjects from application of waterproofing measures to beach recovery. In generally good condition but ironically has some damp stains to the page edges.

Code: 9344


WW2 British Pattern Time Pencil.

WW2 British pattern time pencil as issued to Auxiliary Units. This alloy, copper and brass example has a good deal of it's original finish complete with red band markings indicating the shortest delay available 1/2 - 3/4 hour. These early British pattern delays are very scarce compared with later patterns and this example is complete but INERT.

Code: 9343

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British Tropical FS Cap.

WW2, Indian made, JG Field Service Cap. Size 7 1/4 with clear manufacturer's stamp and the previous owner's name ' Sgt.Hixson R ' written in purple. Excellent, clean condition with the hole for mounting a badge slider reinforced by stitching.

Code: 9342


Original EKI Award Certificate.

Original blank award certificate for the Iron Cross 1st class. This particular example was found folded in the pages of a Luftwaffe paybook which had no indication of an EKI award - wishful thinking maybe ? Lightly marked with clear fold marks.

Code: 9341

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Combined Operations Silver Sweetheart Badge.

Contemporary N.O.S. Combined Operations silver and enamel sweetheart badge. Pinback, bar type badge, clearly marked ' silver ' to reverse. Excellent, clean condition.

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Flak 38 20mm AP/I Projectile and Case.

1944 dated 20mm Armour Piercing Incendiary projectile and case . Projectile with 80% + of it's original colour and stencilling with a blue band and a white stencilled ' Ph ' signifying it's incendiary element. 1944 dated lacquered steel case with manufacturer's letter codes and Waffenampt . Excellent, original condition with some areas of congealing of lacquer and marking.
INERT - available within UK ONLY

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