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WW2 Military Police Coloured F.S.Cap.

WW2 two-colour F.S.Cap for wear by NCOs and O/Rs of the Military Police. Wool body with glazed cotton lining with brass cap badge, approx size 6 7/8. Good, used condition with two minor areas of moth damage to reverse.

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WW2 RN Seaman's Clasp Knife.

1943 dated Royal Navy seaman's clasp knife by Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Sheffield. 8cm, sheep's-foot blade, chequered alloy grips, screwdriver tip and marlin spike with a steel shackle. Blade dated and manufacturer marked to either side of the blade with a number stamped into the marlin spike. Good, used condition with signs of sharpening to blade.
UK 18+ sales ONLY

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Something I’ve had for many years, quite a useful bag on its own. Green canvas with fabric shoulder strap. No damage. Both poppers work for the closure of the fabric flap. Dated and stamped inside the flap ‘MESSEY INC 1944’. Stamped US on the outside of the flap.

Code: 9127



Made by Hudson &Co Birmingham, this nickel whistle is dated 1917 as well as having the War Dept arrow stamped underneath the date. Also numbered ‘1’ under the arrow.
There is the remains of the leather tab riveted to the upper ring.

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Not a military issue piece, but seems to be commercially produced for other purposes. Complete with the belt frog and both ‘skinners’, which are made of aluminium. Blade has been stored badly dk there were a few rust spots present. Blade is actually stamped ‘Military Supply Syndicate’. All leather in good condition. Ox horn polished grip.

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F.A.N.Y. Insignia.

A set of bronzed insignia for a member of the Women's Transport Service or F.A.N.Y. and an example of the cloth shoulder rank worn by a Cadet Ensign. This rank system was unique to the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry and was in use between 1938 and 1945 when it was replaced by the more conventional Army rank system. Bladed cap badge clearly manufacturer marked ' Gaunt London ' as are both matching collar badges. Uncommon.

Code: 9125

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1945 Royal Marines Beret.

A good, probably issued Royal Marines beret. Size 6 3/4, 1945 dated by Kangol Wear Ltd dark blue wooden beret. It is apparent that a shaped red badge backing has been previously attached with mounting holes indicating previous use by Royal Marine. Generally excellent, used condition with some very minor moth tracks.

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Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Qualification Badge in Cloth.

Machine embroidered subdued light grey wreath with yellow eagle on fine Luftwaffe grey cloth Fallschirmschützenabzeichen - Fallschirmjäger Qualification Badge. This example, previously the property of a Leicstershire veteran appears to have been roughly cut from a tunic with frayed edges and two areas of the backing cloth in roughly ' ripped ' condition.

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PAL RH-36 Fighting Knife - U.S.M.C.

The PAL RH-36 was one of the most used ' commercial ' knives during WW 2. Before the introduction of the K-Bar there was a serious lack of fighting/utility knives and many Marines purchased commercial hunting knives in order to overcome this shortage. Most did so through the PX system were the RH-36 was readily available. This clean example, with parkerized blade is typical with manufacturer marking to blade contained in a plain leather scabbard with a U.S.M.C. collar device attached to the bottom. This blackened device has clearly been a contemporaneous addition with ghost marks to leather with a degree of verdigris.
Good, clean example.
UK 18+ sales ONLY

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WW2 British Pattern Time Pencil.

WW2 British pattern time pencil as issued to Auxiliary Units. This alloy, copper and brass example has a good deal of it's original finish complete with green band markings indicating a 4 - 6 hour delay, the less common of the delays available. These early British pattern delays are very scarce compared with later patterns and this example is complete but INERT.

Code: 9121