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1945 Flak 38 20mm Incendiary Round.

Complete 1945 dated Flak 38 20mm Incendiary Round with 1945 dated lacquered steel case in the original cardboard packing tube. The colouring of the projectile indicates : Blue = incendiary, upper green band = self destructive fuse, lower dark red band = Glow-tracer, (light red would be tracer). In excellent , clean condition. Case has primer removed with fuse missing foil disc cover.
UK sales ONLY

Code: 8911


WW2 British Pattern Time Pencil.

WW2 British pattern time pencil as issued to Auxiliary Units. This alloy, copper and brass example has a good deal of it's original finish complete with white band markings indicating a 1 hour delay. These early British pattern delays are very scarce compared with later patterns and this example is complete but INERT.

Code: 8907


WW1 Prussian Steel Buckle.

Original WW1 all steel Prussian O/R's belt buckle. By 1916 most buckles were being made in steel and to a standardised pattern. This example conforms and retains approx 40% of it's original olive green finish to obverse with 95% to reverse with some very light corrosion.

Code: 8903


WW2 Wood-Hilted Fighting Knife.

Often associated with use by the RAF and reputedly made for use in the Far East, these knives display all the attributes of a third pattern FS knife with a machine drawn blade, thick cross guard but with the steel handle replaced by wood. In this example, an oval shaped with turned rings and the pommel nut recessed into the top. Good, used condition with blade having some staining and sharpening marks. ' John Blyde ' trademark stamped to one side contained in a stitched and riveted scabbard marked ' made in Sheffield '. Grip, like most has some minor cracks and a possible name and numbers inked to reverse of scabbard. Knife and scabbard otherwise unmarked with tang retaining bolt showing no signs of being apart.
OVER 18 ITEM - Proof required.

Code: 8902


WW1 RAF War & Victory Pair.

WW1 War & Victory pair as issued with unused original ribbons and envelope. Officially impressed: 17346 1.AM.F.J.Fry. R.A.F. Excellent, clean condition, unresearched.

Code: 8901


Switch No.10 Time Pencil.

Switch No.10, Time Pencil. Widely used by SOE and special forces this delay action fuze was used in conjunction with a detonator or Bickford cord to set off explosives. This example has a white safety strip indicating an approx. 1hr delay. The pencil was initiated by crushing the copper tube that shrouds a glass ampuole containing corrosive liquid. In good overall condition.

Code: 8900

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WW2 German EM/NCOs Belt Leather.

Wehrmacht belt leather to be used by enlisted men or NCOs. Size 92 and clearly marked, with indistinct manufacturer and date marks to tab. Aluminium keeper maker marked ' OLC '. Good, used condition.

Code: 8898



Unmarked WW2 EKI. Three piece construction body with block hinge , contoured pin and wire ' C ' catch. Frame is heavily patinated as is the reverse with a pronounced shadow behind the pin. Clearly a worn item, with the pin bent to shape and a slightly sloppy hinge and a squared corner to top arm of cross. Obverse face shows lightly polished highlights with patination areas protected by the frame beading. Uncleaned and ' been there ' cross.

Code: 8897

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Pull Igniter.

As yet unidentified pull type igniter. Similar but manufactured to a far high specification to the British Switch No.4. Like the Switch No.4 this example shares the same swivelling mounting collar but the body is longer and features an anodised finish. Accepts all of the standard ' snouts '. In good, working and strippable condition.
( Can anyone identify this igniter please ? )

Code: 8896


SA Reserve Stickpin.

Stickpin for wear in civilian clothes for members of the Sturmabteilungen der NSDAP-Reserve. Excellent bright condition marked ' GES.GESCH.' to the reverse along with a manufacturer's logo. One of a number of badges acquired by a Control Commission Officer.

Code: 8894

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