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1941 Handbook for Q.F. 40-MM Mk I.
Handbook for Q.F. 40-MM Mk I on Mountings, 40MM., A.A., Marks I, IA, 1B, II and III and Platforms, 40MM., A.A., Mountings Marks I and II 1941. Reprinted in India in 1942 this comprehensive manual, 211pgs and 54 fold-out diagrams and photographs, tells you everything you ever needed to know about the ubiquitous ' Bofors ' AA gun and it's ammunition. Good, used condition with some markings, creasing etc.

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WW2 German Infantry Assault Badge - Gottlieb & Wagner.
WW2 German Infantry Assault Badge, although unmarked this example displays the characteristic and unique construction methods employed by Gottlieb & Wagner of Idar-Oberstein. Zinc, flat-backed construction with hinge and catch crimped into the body. Original wash finish has disappeared with residue appearing to indicate an original bronze finish although this may just be patination. Good, original badge.

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WWII U.S.Mk.2A1 Fragmentation grenade.
The definitive U.S. grenade, the Mk.2A1 Fragmentation grenade was introduced in 1944 being used through to the end of the War, Korea and to the early part of the Vietnam conflict. Fitted with a 1944 dated M10A3 igniter set used with grenades having fillers that do not require a detonator. Body marked with manufacturer's casting marks. This example is in excellent, above average condition.
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British and Commonwealth Bayonets - Ian D. Skennerton.
1984 ( Copyright 1986 ) British and Commonwealth Bayonets by Ian D. Skennerton and Robert Richardson. The standard work on British & Commonwealth bayonets with 404pgs and over 1300 illustrations. Good working copy with minor chips to spine and very light marking.

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Imperial Japanese Navy Rank Badge.
Embroidered, Imperial Japanese Navy, rank badge for the rank of Petty Officer 1st Class with a white sakura ( cherry blossom ) indicating paymaster. Lined to reverse with some Japanese characters faintly visible. Good, used condition slightly grubby to reverse

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Switch No.10 Time Pencil Box.
Painted two piece box for the storage of Switch No.10 time pencils. Packed in fives and originally sealed with a coloured tape to indicate length of delay. Good, used, clean condition. ( time pencil included for display purposes only ).

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U.S. Springfield Rifle WWI 1907 Pattern Leather Sling.
A good example of a U.S. Springfield Rifle WWI 1907 Pattern leather sling. Marked ' JP ' with all sliders present and sling in excellent supple condition. This pattern of sling was also supplied for use with the British No.4T sniper rifle.

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XIIth Corps Formation Signs.
A pair of painted, probably unit made, XIIth Corps formation signs. This well executed pair are made of canvas that has been hand painted, folded to shape and then used on a uniform with clear evidence of this. Although unusual, XII Corps formation signs appear in a number of different ' home made ' guises and would indicate a local fix to a shortage. XII Corps were involved in the later Normandy campaigns and then followed on into NW Europe.

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WW2 Luftwaffe tropical shirt breast eagle.
Luftwaffe tropical shirt, breast eagle. Clearly removed from a uniform with stitching very much apparent, small tear to centre. Good, used example of a classic tropical item.

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1940 Handbook for Q.F. 25-PR Mk II.
Handbook for the Ordnance, Q.F. 25-PR., Mark II on Carriage, 25-PR., Mark I Land Service 1940. 277pgs complete with all amendments tipped in with fold out plates, sketches and diagrams covering all aspects of the operation, including ammunition, of the 25 Pounder, the standard medium artillery piece used by the British through out the War. Good, used condition with all plates, grubby covers with a small amount of rodent damage to edge but all contents present and clean with some annotations.

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