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WW2 Official Ortsgruppe Banner of the Deutsche Arbeits Front.
1450x1250mm double-sided Ortsgruppe banner of the Deutsche Arbeits Front. Two-piece D.A.F. emblem laid onto a red flag with silver wire brocade to three sides. To the top left corner on both sides is a multi-piece Orts panel in this case for Holsterhausen near Essen. Like many souvenired pieces this example has had the mounting rings and their attachments removed. There is some age related damage to various areas with some rips and holes and the brocade has dried and worn. Various parts of the banner, particularly the Orts panel have suffered the attentions of an amateur seamstress with some poorly executed repairs which would benefit from a more professional approach. However, all of this sounds worse than the reality,it is still an impressive banner and has been priced with the faults in mind.

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Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Civilian Employee Stick Pin.
Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Civilian Employee stick pin; 54 mm knurled pin; unmarked; measuring 30 mm x 19 mm; Good used condition.

Code: 8673Price: 34.00 GBP

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25th. Indian Infantry Division Formation signs.
WW II printed examples of the black "Ace of Spades" on a green square backed with vertex material .' As part of 14th.Army this Division fought with distinction at Kangaw,one of the fiercest battles of the Arakan and Burma campaigns,and early in 1945 took part in the first large scale amphibious operation in South-East Asia to liberate Akyab. '. Good, used condition with clear evidence of having been removed from a uniform.

Code: 8672Price: 78.00 GBP

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Early SA Kepi.
Post 1931 SA Kepi. Manufactured in light brown twill to be worn with the brown shirt, with the first pattern national emblem above a single polished silvered button and leather chin strap. Clean interior with faux leather headband but no manufacturer's details. These caps do not have an RZM tag, their manufacture predates the formation of the RZM organisation. Excellent, clean condition possibly unissued or little used example.

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WW1 Canadian Machine Gun Battalion CEF Cap Badge.
A good scarce die stamped bronze Canadian Machine Gun Battalion CEF Cap Badge . Three loops to the reverse. Makers tablet J.R.Gaunt, London. Good, used condition with light rubbing to highlights.

Code: 8670Price: 55.00 GBP

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EK II ringmarked ' 65 '.
Iron Cross Second Class by Klein & Quenzer carrying the ring mark ' 65 '. Cross with cleaned silver frame, a good example of an EKII. Accompanied by an original length of ribbon.

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WW1 Naval 2Pdr MKI Round.
1915 dated 2Pdr. QF MkI case and projectile. Complete round with a 1915 dated, cordite filled 40 x 156 brass case with a 2Pdr.MkII HE projectile with a 1916 dated No.121 fuse marked VSM indicating manufacture by Vickers Son & Maxim. Profusely marked projectile and case. Case marked M.D.Co. for the Metal Drawing Company of St.Catherine's, Ontario In good condition with some bruising to case.
UK sales ONLY

Code: 8667Price: 125.00 GBP

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Instructional Notes .300-inch Browning Automatic Rifle.
1940 Instructional Notes on the .300-inch Browning Automatic Rifle ( Provisional ). 14pg, small format provisional notes on the use and maintenance of the B.A.R. probably authored for the Home Guard who were the greatest users of this weapon. Good, clean condition.

Code: 8666Price: 15.00 GBP

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Switch No.10 Time Pencil.
INERT Switch No.10, Time Pencil. Widely used by SOE and special forces this delay action fuze was used in conjunction with a detonator or Bickford cord to set off explosives. This example has a black safety strip indicating an approx. 10 minute delay. The pencil was initiated by crushing the copper tube that shrouds a glass ampuole containing corrosive liquid. In good overall condition.
Available within UK only.

Code: 8665Price: 58.00 GBP

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WW1 Colonies Chocolate Gift Tin.
WW1 Colonies Chocolate Gift Tin. In October 1914, Trinidadian authorities, as part of their War effort, voted to spend £40,820 on cocoa, to be used in chocolate manufacturing in England.Along with the islands of Grenada and St Lucia, Trinidadís cocoa was used to make chocolate, which was sent as a gift in a special tin to Allied troops in France. The oblong-shaped tin was manufactured in Mansfield by Barringer Wallis & Manners Ltd. This example is in better than average, clean condition with only minor marking and wear to the printed decoration and one bruise to the side. When encountered this finish is typically rubbed or suffering from corrosion.

Code: 8664Price: 45.00 GBP

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