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From the same source as the NCO's tunic, this is a beautifully made and preserved Officers Waffenrock Parade tunic. All Waffenfarbe is in red for artillery, and the epaulettes have the gilt rank insignia for a Hauptman (Captain) along with the numbers 72. This is an officer 4 pocket tunic and beautifully tailored. The early type silver bullion breast eagle is a work of art in itself. Such workmanship and high quality. Tunic is fully lined, with clear evidence of actual wear over a period of time. On the inside right pocket is the original tailor label from 'Uniform Fritsch' in Dresden. It has the original owners name in ink along with the 1930's date!!! Tunic has medal loops for one award on the left breast (probably an Iron Cross) and above the pocket is an original 5 medal ribbon bar. (WW1 EK2, Hindenburg Cross with swords, Westwall etc etc) This is a real stunner of a tunic, no damage at all, no moth nips etc. Whist it has been used and worn, it's in mint condition. Looks amazing.

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A marvellous example of a very high quality parade Waffenrock tunic for a Senior Wachtmeister NCO of the Artillery. With much silver tress ribbon on the collars and cuffs, these tunics look better than the Officers ones in my opinion. This tunic is in really great condition, has obvious evidence of having been worn with some staining to the lining under the arms and wear to the edge of the cuff lining. Beautifully made in heavy green serge wool. The silver rank tress ribbon runs around the top of the collar etc, whch designates this as an early tunic, pre-1936, as after this time the silver tress ran along the bottom of the tunic collar. Waffenfarbe is red for the artillery and this is evident all over the runic, collar patches, epaulettes, tunic trim and cuffs etc. The original silver bullion national eagle is sewn to the right breast and is of superior (officer) quality. Senior Sergeant Major rank identification badge on right sleeve bordered in silver wire. On the right sleeve is the specialist badge for a 'gun layer'. This is a SUPERIOR tunic in every way, totally untouched and a real piece of history. (tunics are hard to photograph and we have limited space here, I can send much better, detailed pictures upon request)

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B.E.F. 1940 M.M.Group Signalman A. Coxon, Royal Signals.
A good early WW2 BEF gallantry group consisting of Military Medal, G.VI.R. (2586638 Sgln. A. Coxon, R. Signals); 1939-45; Africa Star, clasp, 8th Army; Italy Star; War Medal 1939-45; Efficiency Medal, G.VI.R., 2nd issue, Territorial (2586638 Sigmn. A. Coxon, M.M., R. Sigs.). The M.M. appeared in the London Gazette 11 July 1940 with the recommendation reading;
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. At 0900 hours on 20 May 1940, an officer of the 11th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry, reported at Brigade Headquarters Gouy that enemy A.F.V. had broken through between Wancourt and Beaumetz. Signalman Coxon was sent with orders to the 11th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry at Beaumetz and to the 1st Battalion, Tyneside Scottish at Saulty. He carried out his mission successfully although with A.F.V. operating in the area. His courage and determination to establish communications under heavy hostile action rendered valuable service to his commander and the troops concerned.
Coxon was attached to 70th Infantry Brigade, 23rd (Northumbrian) Division, at the time of the action.
Comes with copy photo of Coxon, copy of citation, and his R.Signals cap badge and tie pin.
Medals in fine + condition.

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DLV/ Early RLB Belt Buckle.
Nickelled brass buckle for use by O/Rs of the Deutscher Luftsport Verband. This pattern was also used in the formative days of the RLB or Reichsluftschutzbund. Good, used condition with light wear to highpoints, patinated overall.

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Hindustani Manual belonging to Major Norman Adam KIA
Leather bound ' Forbes's Hindustani Manual ' with a poignant inscription from the mother of Major Norman Macleod Adam killed in action 28/08/18. The manual was given to Adam by his mother in 1911 on joining the RFA and being posted to India, it was returned to her along with the rest of his kit when he was KIA commanding 19th Battery RFA in France. This story is written in pencil by his mother to the inside cover of the manual. Adam was the son of Maj.Gen.F.A.Adam. Unusual and poignant.

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The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife by Ron Flook.
2013 1st Ed. Special presentation copy 21/50 ' The The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife and Other Commando Knives ' by Ron Flook. 265pg exhaustive study of these iconic knives covering ' fakes and frauds, personalities, WW2 contracts, Wilkinson Sword, F-S Knives and associated variants, inspection marks, F-S Knives of other nations and other Commando unit knives '. A definitive reference. In excellent, used condition with one small scuff to spine.

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Naval Blockade Breakers Stick Pin Miniature.
The large 25mm, Kriegsmarine Blockade Breakers stick pin miniature. Tombac construction with wear to highlights . Good,used condition.

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R.A.F. Silk Escape Map - France/Belgium, Holland.
Mid-War double sided silk escape map for use primarily by the RAF. 52cms x 44cms size, multi-coloured this example is coded ' C ' and ' D ' and primarily shows France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland. Excellent, clean condition, folded.

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Mid to Late War Luftwaffe Flak Badge.
Zinc construction Luftwaffe Flak badge typical of mid to late War production. Marked to the reverse ' G.B. ' indicating production by Gustav Brehmer of Markneukirchen in Saxony. Steel pin with characteristic steel hinge and hook used by Brehmer. Good, used condition.

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Escape ' swinger ' type compass.
Another of M.I.9's creations, a swinger compasse in it's original wrapping. Designed to be suspended on a line in water to provide a makeshift compass. Small enough to be concealed in the uniform or in goods sent into POW camps. Good, unused condition.

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