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WW2 British Bomb Disposal Equipment - Stevens Stopper.
A cased example of a Stevens Stopper MkII an important item of wartime bomb disposal equipment developed to overcome clockwork type fuzes. The Stopper was a device to introduce a fluid into a ticking type 17, 17A or 17B bomb fuze which could stop the mechanism and render it unable to start again regardless of vibrations or movement. The method used was to first evacuate all the air from the fuze pocket in the bomb and then introduce a suitable resinous liquid ( in this case a sugar solution ) into the fuze pocket under vacuum pressure to ensure penetration into the mechanism of the fuze thus jamming up the works. Very effective and very simple.
This example includes the all important pump, the collars, hoses, colletts, and clips and even a tin of sugar all contained in the original box marked to the lid ' S.S.II '. Manufactured by Aldous & Campbell serial number 2169.
Heavy item, contact required to organise delivery options.

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N.S.B.O. Armband.
An uncommon armband worn by members of the N.S.B.O. -Nationalsozialistische Betriebszellenorganisation (National Socialist Factory Cell Organization) a workers organisation founded on similar lines to a union. A two piece embroidered cotton armband in excellent, clean condition.

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WW2 German Army Markmanship Lanyard.
An example of the 1st pattern, entry level of the Schützenschnur or marksmanship lanyard. Alloy shield mounted onto a plaited wire lanyard. Reverse of the lanyard is faced with a material shield with the shield area covered in feld grau material with the manufacturer's details stamped to the face ( T & S ). Good, used condition with some light wear.

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WW1 1917 Trench Periscope by Beck.
Mk.VIII, 1917 dated, hand held periscope by R & J.Beck. Khaki painted brass body with screw off soft wood handle and adjustable ( working ) focusing eyepiece. These periscopes were often used in MkIV tanks. This example in good, working condition, retaining 80% of original paintwork, chip to internal lens which does not appear to effect the field of view.

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Wehrmacht M35 Map Case.
M35 Map/Dispatch case in good condition with all stitching intact, both hanging straps and little wear to the pebbled black leather. Interior flap has details of owner and unit. Unusually the case still retains the leather edged celluloid map cover enabling use of a chinagraph pencil, case is manufacturer marked and dated 1938. Also retains original pencil.

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WW2 U.S.A.A.F. Survival Machete.
WW2 U.S. folding survival machete as issued to the U.S.A.A.F. Introduced in 1942 and used in the B4 survival kits this example was manufactured by Camillus and features a 25cm blade and retains the oft missing blade cover. Subsequently adopted and manufactured for the RAF. Good, used condition.

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Panzer Breast Eagle.
O/R's Panzer BeVo M36 eagle, grey thread on the black field, unused condition but dusty with light marking.

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WW2 British made Dutch Army Cap Badge.
Die-struck brass cap badge ' Nederland ' with slider manufacturer marked J.R.Gaunt, London. Worn by Dutch troops equipped in the UK during WW2. Patinated overall.

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SA Day Badge.
Pin back, die struck ' tinny ' celebrating the ' Sportfest der SA-Brigade 112 23.9.34.' Bronzed finish, good, used condition.

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Voluntary Army Welfare Services Shoulder Title.
Embroidered shoulder title ' Voluntary Army Welfare Services ' worn by the largely women volunteers who manned a series of hostels and clubs providing R&R for troops. These titles were worn when these volunteers manned facilities following the invading Allied armies. Good, used condition with clear evidence of having been removed from a uniform.

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