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WW1 German Artillery Luger Holster.
An original First World War Imperial German Army Artillery Luger leather holster. Dated 1916 with indistinct Berlin manufacturer details to reverse of flap and issue stamp to holster interior. Sound condition with stripping tool and cleaning rod compartments present and intact with some bruises and knicks but otherwise good condition. Interior lifting strap is missing it's stop but is otherwise present.

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WW2 Switch, No.5, Pressure.
An example of a British WW2 Switch, No.5, Pressure. Designed to be operated when a pressure of 50lbs was applied to either the adjustable extension rod or the top plate of the switch. Often used against railways where the switch could be concealed under the rail and the rod adjusted until contact was made with the underside of the rail. Whilst not as positive as the fog signal igniter in this situation it had the benefit of being concealed in the ballast and thus avoiding detection. Excellent condition.

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WW2 Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet Badge.
An example of a Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet War badge by Friedrich Orth of Vienna. Gilded and silvered zinc construction with hinge and catch fittings typical of this manufacturer. Dished reverse marked ' fo ' in raised letters with a similar partial ghost mark to the left. Partial gilding to reverse with a painted later finish to wreath with highlights coming through. Priced accordingly.

Code: 8270Price: 145.00 GBP

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1916 Trench British whistle.
1916 dated nickel whistle by J.Hudson & Co. Birmingham, patent details to cap, with short chain and clip to lanyard ring. Good, overall condition.

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WWII No.36M Mk I Hand Grenade.
A good condition British, WWII, No.36M MkI Hand Grenade. Features approx. 95%+ of the original brown lacquer with some of the filling rings and marks. Manufacturer marking ' B C/A ' to body, this mark was that of Callenders Abbots Foundry Co Ltd Glasgow. The base plug is dated 1943 and marked ' T&AS ' for Tweedales & Smalley.
All parts present and fully strippable.
AVAILABLE within UK only

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German Labour Front (DAF) Women’s Badge.
WW2 Tombac and enamel, pin back Abzeichen für DAF-Frauenwalterinnen, DAF women's badge. Marked ' RZM ' with maker ' M1/104 ' (Otto Fechler, Bernsbach) on reverse, in good used condition.

Code: 8267Price: 45.00 GBP

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WW2 Russian 50mm Mortar Round.
WW2 Russian, six fin, long 50mm Mortar Round. Original grey paint and filling ring to steel body which appears to be dated 1942 but has numerous other markings stamped to body. 1943 dated bakelite fuse with separate steel gaine. Excellent, clean condition.
Available within UK only.

Code: 8266Price: 65.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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1943 British Gas Detector Brassard.
A scarce example of the British gas detector brassard. Manufacturer marked and dated 1943 to the reverse, this is the light buff version which has a coated layer which reacts to the presence of mustard gas. This example was the second of two found folded up in a light respirator case and other than creases is in excellent condition.

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WW1 Map Overlay Trace for use via Pigeon.
WW1 British Map overlay trace for use with 1:10000 scale maps for delivery via pigeon. Overlay was placed over the map and relevant details drawn on, date, time, map and unit details were added and delivered using the standard message container thus providing quite fresh battlefield/target updates to headquarters. Generally good condition with some light marking/staining. Several available.
Priced individually.

Code: 8264Price: 12.50 GBP

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WW2 Japanese Hinomaru - flag .
43cms x34cms approx. WW2 Japanese Hinomaru.Single piece, printed cotton construction, classic example of a small Japanese National flag with cotton ties to two corners. These were often carried by troops and used as indentifiers tied to rifles or poles to signify advance positions. In good condition with one very small hole and light staining.

Code: 8263Price: 58.00 GBP

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