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An EKII in nice uncleaned condition, complete with original full length ribbon. Silver frame darkened with age and patina. Black steel centre has all the original paint. Suspension ring is stamped with a very small '6' which is for the maker Fritz Zimmermann, Stuttgart. Nice , original iron cross. One for the maker mark collectors out there.

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Second Pattern NSKK Crash Helmet National Emblem.
Alloy, second pattern NSKK crash helmet National Emblem. RZM and manufacturer marked M1/8 to reverse with all retaining pins intact. The whole emblem has been blackened and retains much of the original black painted banner and eagle surround. Good overall condition and uncommon.

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Royal Armoured Corps WW2 Officer's Silver Beret Badge.
A fine scarce die cast, hallmarked silver example of an RAC Officers' cap badge, bearing Birmingham marks for 1941 (R) . Previously with three silver loops to the reverse but one now missing, probably done at the time as the ghost marks where loop location now heavily patinated. Makers stamp J.R.G.&S. (J.R.Gaunt & Sons). Good overall condition, patinated.

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WW2 RAF Pilots' Wings.
A good example of an embroidered WW2 RAF pilots' brevet. Featuring oatmeal coloured feathers and crown with the top part of the wing in relief . Paper backed . Evidence of having been removed from a tunic but in excellent, used condition.

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1932 Handbook for Vickers Land Service Automatic Gun.
1932 Handbook of the Vickers Air-Cooled Land Service Automatic Gun ( Class " A "- Rifle Calibre ). 52 pgs including folding plates. Manual produced by Vickers Armstrong Ltd showing the mechanism and working instructions for one of it's products intended for export offering different calibre combinations and the choice of rimmed or semi-rimless ammunition. Good, clean condition including internal VA memo.

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WW2 RAF Brooch and Ring Set.
WW2 period silver and enamel matching RAF brooch and ring set. Pin back RAF sweetheart brooch marked silver to reverse with a similarly marked finger ring with matching enamel design. Good, used condition, lightly patinated.

Code: 8312Price: 75.00 GBP

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1st Pattern Wehrmacht Breast Eagle.
Example of the first pattern of national emblem for use by the Wehrmacht introduced in 1934. Silver wire thread on grey backing, machine stitched to feldgrau backing. Good, used condition.

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RAF/Special Forces Escape Map - 9c France.
Pre 1944, double sided silk escape map for use primarily by the RAF. Three coloured side showing France and it's borders with highlighted ' defended ' zones and ' Non-Occupied ' or Vichy France. The reverse 2.B., single tone shows the greater European area , Switzerland , Germany, Austria, Poland & Hungary. In good, but slightly faded condition with slight fraying of the edge strengthening seams.

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1936 Luben HJ Sports Festival Tinny.
Pin back tinny commemorating an HJ Sports Festival in Luben in 1936. Good, clean condition.

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101st (Bihar & Orissa) L of C Area WW2 Indian Army formation sign
Red rampant unicorn printed on yellow disc for 101st (Bihar & Orissa) L of C Area WW2 Indian Army. Excellent condition stitched onto KD backing.

Code: 8308Price: 75.00 GBP

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