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WW2 Early Issue W.R.N.S. Cap.
Uncommon early issue WW2 W.R.N.S. Cap. Based on the WW1 design, the cap was resurrected for the reformed W.R.N.S. service in 1939 with some alteration. Constructed in cotton twill with a multi-panel body and a heavily stitch reinforced brim with loops to carry a standard ' HMS ' tally and lined to the interior. These caps were quickly replaced by the more commonly encountered soft cap but continued to be issued until stocks were exhausted and appear in photograpic evidence well into the War.
This example in good, used condition with traces of face powder to the lining and bearing a name tape with evidence of two names. Scarce item.

Code: 7714Price: 220.00 GBP

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WW1 Imperial Fighting Knife.
WW1 Imperial, probably private purchase fighting knife. 15cm blade with a double false edge and a swept cross guard. Softwood grips with applied hand chequering contained in all leather scabbard with integral belt loop. Good, used condition.

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This item is Age Restricted

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9ct Gold RFC Sweetheart badge.
Delicate RFC sweetheart badge in 9ct gold mounted on a 9ct bar. Good condition.

Code: 7712Price: 90.00 GBP

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WW1 Imperial Court Mounted EKII.
Single court mounted WW1 Imperial EKII. Patinated silver frame with contemporary gloss painted centre mounted on a court bow. Good, pleasing condition.

Code: 7711Price: 55.00 GBP

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Princess Mary 1914 Gift Fund Bullet Pencil.
An example of the Princess Mary gift tin bullet pencil with silver unmarked projectile. Monogrammed 1914 MkVII case by Kynoch with sharpened pencil. Mary monogram is clearly struck on this example. Patinated overall.

Code: 7710Price:

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Cambodian Mine Action Centre Grouping.
Floppy hat and mine warning sign from CMAC, the Cambodian Mine Action Centre . CMAC is Cambodia’s leading demining organization, working in the key areas of Survey and Land Release, Mine and UXO Clearance, Mine and UXO Risk Education and Training, Research and Development. Based in Phnom Penh and established in 1992 the centre used a number of Western instructors whose work continues today including the instructing of teams to work in Iraq. The grouping consists of a standard issue ' floppy ' hat with the CMAC insignia and a dual language mine warning sign previously the property of a British instructor.

Code: 7709Price: 45.00 GBP

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WW2 Wehrmacht Officer's Breast Eagle.
An excellent, original example of a Wehrmacht Officer's breast eagle. Embroidered silver bullion onto dark bottle green wool with a coarse cotton/calico backing. Clear evidence of having been removed from a uniform and two moth nips. Good, used condition.

Code: 7708Price: 48.00 GBP

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Detonator, No.36M, Grenade, Mk2 DRILL
Standard issue Detonator, No.36M, Grenade, Mk2 DRILL. Dummy igniter set made up to simulate the standard detonator with No.16 safety fuze and a No.6 detonator. Marked ' DRILL ' to the anvil.
Available within UK ONLY

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RAF Car Badge.
Chrome and enamel King's crown RAF car badge. Manufactured and clearly marked by J.R.Gaunt for affixing to the bumper or badge bar that was fashionable amongst both pre and post War motorists. Good, used condition with original fixing bolts showing signs of long and proud usage.

Code: 7706Price: 85.00 GBP

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WW1 British Officer's Cuff Rank.
Partial cut-off WW1 British officer's tunic sleeve displaying a cuff rank for a Captain. Displays evidence of promotion with third pip being of a slightly different style but with all three showing wear to the high points. Good, used condition displaying signs of wear.

Code: 7705Price: 48.00 GBP

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