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WWII British Sten bayonet.
An original Bayonet,Sten Mk.I. An unmarked example of this very scarce bayonet with only some 75,000 examples being manufactured following it\'s adoption in 1942. Designed to utilise the scabbard of the similar No.4 bayonet, this example is accompanied by an unmarked Mk.I scabbard. Although unmarked, the fillet welds holding the blade to the socket are typical of those attributed to the work of the one of the main assemblers, Grundy (Teddington) Ltd, at their Somerset Works in Teddington. In very good condition, retaining approx. 35-40% of it\'s original black finish. Some areas of very minor corrosion.
(For a more detailed study of the Sten Mk.I bayonet I would recommend Graham Priest\'s \'The Spirit of the Pike\').