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WW1 Dayfield Body armour
A scarce example of the Dayfield Body Shield. The design was patented in 1916 by Francis Dayton and Mr E A Whitfield. The armour consisted of four plates fitted into a khaki cotton \"waistcoat\".

The patent describes the shield thus: “This invention has for its object to provide a shield that shall be efficient and light and capable of being comfortably worn by a soldier or other person for the protection of his body against attack by rifle fire, bayonet, lance or sword”.
This example is dusty with some staining of the heavy cotton waistcoat. In three areas the plate is showing ( very minor ) and there is some minor rusting bleeding through the cotton. Both attachments tapes intact and clear \' Dayfield \' stencil to interior. A good solid example of early body armour.
Please contact me re postage as it is quite heavy at nearly 3kgs