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Switch No.9 \'L Delay\' .
Increasingly uncommon Switch No.9 \'L Delay\' MkI with storage tin and very uncommon instruction leaflet. Standard equipment for many of the special forces, resistance etc the \'L Delay\' acts as a delay fuze working on the principle that Tellurium lead breaks after a period of time under a continuous tension at a given temperature. This particular example is for a 1 hour delay at 65 degrees F. Comes complete with an MD1, 1945 dated tin and a 1944 dated instruction leaflet marked \'Not to be taken into front line trenches\'.
\'L Delay\' in excellent condition with some paint loss to information tab, tin equally clean condition with clearly legible stencilling. Instruction leaflet has some rust marks to front cover but is otherwise intact and legible.