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WW2 Japanese 7.7mm, Type 99 \' Last Ditch \' Rifle
DEACTIVATED Japanese \' Last Ditch \' or \' Substitute \' 7.7mm , Type 99 rifle. This example was manufactured at the Tokyo Juki Kogyo Arsenal as part of the 27th series in approx. late 1944. Last Ditch weapons were built in an attempt to simplify and speed up production and this example features; receiver marked only with chrysanthemum, welded and pinned front band, fixed peep sight, no cleaning rod, wood buttplate and simplified cocking handle.
This example is in excellent condition with clear manufacturer\'s marks. An attempt has been made to deface the chrysanthemum, typical of surrendered weapons, with the rest of the metalwork in good condition and demonstrating clear machining marks again typical of last ditch weapons.
An opportunity to acquire an interesting variation of the Arisaka family of rifles.