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AP or No.8 Switch booby trap device.
Produced by M.D.1 or \' Winston Churchill\'s Toyshop \' the AP Switch was produced in spring 1940 as a booby trap device centred around the standard .303 round. Soon modified the device was designed to be buried in the ground whereupon a footfall would set it off firing the round through the foot or any other part of the target\'s anatomy - it was soon christened the \' debollocker\' !
This scarce example is complete, including the umbrella spring that triggers the device and the spring, spindle and striker. Faintly stencilled M.D.1 A99 in yellow to the outside spike and complete with an INERT cartridge. The cartridge has been drilled to enable deactivation because of the impossibility of removing the projectile. The projectile has suffered some delamination because of water ingress and there is some minor loss of finish to small areas of the spike but all together an excellent example of an uncommon booby trap used by many organisations involved in unconventional warfare.