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This is only the third one of these I've had, and it's beautiful! Luftwaffe breast eagle in gilt-washed aluminium for the Gernerals Summer tunic or shirt. Fantastic detail, made by ASSMANN, with 'A' cast into reverse. Pin back.MINT CONDITION. This is actually not the same as a normal Assmann aluminium breast eagle, it has subtle differences. Gilt wash for starters, then the actually eagle has more and better detail, when comparing the two side by side. Also the eagle itself is slightly different, daintier, and the eagles leg which holds the swastika is cast free of the main body of the bird. So very delicate!! The standard eagle has the leg and swastika cast as part of the main body, all joined together. I have shown a photo of the two together to show the differences. A rare item and would look fantastic with any Luftwaffe display, especially if you have some Luftwaffe Gerneral's insignia etc.