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8th Army RASC Tank Transporter North Africa groupi
Grouping of ephemera, diaries and photographs to 227134 Dvr.H.J.Maskell 144 Tank Tpr.Coy R.A.S.C. Maskell originally from Birmingham served in North Africa, Tunisia and Italy. Group includes a number of photographs including an album and negatives showing Maskell's work with tank transporters. Most interesting are the diaries which include entries..... ' being chased by armoured car, how much further, but at last we outdistance him.' ,' make for Tobruk but told scram as Jerry near. Pick up a load of Grants.' ' Tobruk what's that bombing, Stukas, so early..I saw one in flames, out jumps the pilot with parachute going'. The diaries are also interspersed with various dried flowers and plants presumably picked up in the desert.
Also includes various passes, personal photographs, ephemera and RASC cap badge and s/titles and 8th Army sliders all contained in a leather writing case as found. Interesting grouping to a little known aspect to the war in the Desert.