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21 SAS Battledress blouse.
An original size 10 194(?)9 dated '49 Patt Battledress blouse to a member of 21 SAS. ' Special Air Service ' embroidered shoulder titles with embroidered Artists Rifles patch to r/h sleeve and black Rifle Brigade buttons.
21st Special Air Service Regiment (Artists Rifles) were formed in the Rifle Brigade in 1947 to perpetuate 1st and 2nd SAS that had been disbanded in 1945. 21 were active in Malaya and other conflicts and many of it's members went on to form 22 SAS. This BD was owned by a man named Woods who saw previous service with the KAR but unfortunately the accompanying paperwork to the BD was disposed of before accquistion. In clean, used condition with minor moth damage to one sleeve and to the reverse.