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I have not owned one of these very rare beasts before, and the quality of this car pennant is absolutely stunning. Made in two halves of 100% quality dark blue serge wool material. The edges are bordered by thick gold bullion tresse, which has swastikas interwoven. The two large Luftwaffe eagles are hand embroydered in golden yellow cotton, and padded to give a releif effect. This item was purchased directly from the British soldier who bought it back as a souvenir. Unfortunately, when he took it, it was attached to the car with the wire frame and all-weather cover. He could not get it off the car, so cut it off!!!! He left part of the gold tresse and the all-weather cover, along with the supporting frame, still atached to the car. This is how it's remained for the past 70 years. The top part of the pennant is missing the gold bullion tresse, and all the stitching on that side is open!! What a shame, but it's a piece of history and that's how it got here. These are RARE items. A complete one is now 1000 to buy. I have tried to price this competitevley, taking into account the 'damage'. Where will you find another?