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2nd PATTN FS knife
Purchased from a contact in America, this is a 2nd Pattn Fairbairn-Sykes knife that\'s seen some action! Has been stiched to a tunic and then removed, the original belt frog strap has also been properly removed, just leaving the scabbard body. These knives were meant to be adapted for many situations, and altering the scabbard like this was very common. Thick crossguard is stamped with \'England\' one side and the WD arrow with a \'P\' (could be a B) . Blade seems not to have been sharpened, and retains the needle point, but there is a little rust pitting along one edge for 1cm or so. Blade has most of the black finish. Brass checquered grip has about 50% of blackened finish remaining. An interesting knife that\'s been issued and used.