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1st Pattern Fairburn-Sykes Fighting Knife .
An example of the classic 1st Pattern Fairburn-Sykes Fighting Knife, as produced by Wilkinson Sword from 1941. Nickel-plate on brass and steel with \' Wilkinson Sword \' and \' F-S Fighting Knife \' etch to both sides.
This example in sleepy \' just found \' condition with staining, very small areas of rust and general wear. The major failing of the knife is the broken tip. Clear signs of sharpening. The scabbard is intact, dusty and dirty. Two small holes and a cut to the top of the scabbard appear to have been done to accomodate a button and a stitch possibly to provide more secure attachment.
This is a good, solid, honest example of a 1st pattern that has been used and would clean well but I have not had the heart as it seems sacrilegious. Priced accordingly.