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48(RM) Commando 1945 Battledress.
A good 1945 dated Canadian battledress with badges for 48(RM) Commando. Size 13 Battledress (5\'11\"- 6\') by the \'Workman Uniform Co.Ltd.,Montreal\' with Cash\'s tape 48(RM) Commando shoulder titles which saw extensive use from late 1944. The tape has been stitched onto blue woolen material before attachment to the sleeve. Underneath the shoulder titles, embroidered Commando Group sleeve badges, darkened rank pips for Lieutenant to both shoulders. BD has had some additional tailoring (darts to the reverse etc) and is in generally excellent, clean condition with a few minor moth nips.
Formed in early 1944, 48 Commando were extensively deployed in the Walchern operation and this BD is typical of those worn at the end of the war.