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Early RAF Aircrew Europe casualty group.
Group of three, 39-45, aircrew Europe and War medal group to 561257 Sgt Victor Spurr, 40 Sqn. RAF who was killed on 10 May 1940. Spurr was in a Blenheim IV which was tasked along with twelve others of 40 Sqn, of attacking Ypenburg aerodrome in the Hague as part of the RAF\'s response to the opening of the German attack in the West. Flying in Sgt.Thomas\'s aircraft as No.3 to F/L Smeddle, Spurr\'s aircraft was shot down, probably by Me110s, with no survivors. He is buried in the Hague(Westduin) Cemetery. The boxed group comes with original award/with sympathy slip and a quantity of research. Medals in toned condition with original ribbons and envelopes. Early casualty group.