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Switch No.7,Pressure/Pull,Electrical, Mark I.
Hugely uncommon booby trap device, the Switch No.7, Pressure/Pull, Electrical, Mark I was a dual action switch, either by pressure on the top plate or by pull through the side arm, using an electrical impulse to actuate an explosive charge.The type of battery employed only allowed a maximum length of 50 yds of cable to enable it to function effectively, it was recommended the switch to be placed no further than 25 yds from the charge.This example is in reasonable/good condition. It is missing one electrical terminal and part of the side arm pull connector, the bottom cover is missing most of it\'s paint with areas of minor corrosion. The body of the switch has 85% of it\'s original paint and markings, otherwise intact and sound. The Switch No.7 was not issued on such a large scale as many of the other booby trap devices and is a scarce item today.