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WW1 British \'PH\' Gas Hood.
Extremely scarce British WW1 \'PH\' gas hood. Originally designated the \'P\' hood in 1915 and introduced as an improved version of the Hypo helmet to combat the effects of chlorine, the \'PH\' hood was in turn a further improved version to counter the effects of Phosgene by dipping in hexamine thus the Pheneate-Hexamine helmet or \'PH\'.
This example in excellent condition and marked \'PRAC ONLY\' to front,the outlet valve present and flexible with some rust staining around the eyepieces. Internally the mouthpiece present with some rusting and similar rusting to eyepiece surrounds. Double-skinned flannel hood reasonably clean and moth free. An excellent example of a very scarce item.
More images on request.